Film Set


A fast and friendly service which is not restricted to traditional office hours as we are aware that production requires a flexible approach when it comes to this.  Our focus is on people and making sure the Artist and Production are looked after at all stages of the booking process.

Booking through Team Crowd Tracker gives you the ability to book from a large pool of diverse Talent that equals that of a National Agency whilst maintaining the personal touch that local Agencies offer. We offer the use of a bespoke digital software system, CrowdTrackerPro, that was designed in Scotland with crowd booking in mind.

E-timesheets, E-invoices and a clear digital footprint makes it a great option for supplying large crowds.



For TV, Film and Advertising

We work on casting briefs from some of the top Casting Directors in the UK for projects filming in Scotland.


Made easy by us!

Our amazing booking software helps us to book your Artists without the need for paper copies.  We use a digital checkin/ out system which is great for large crowd days.


Invoicing and Payroll

Team Crowd Tracker uses digital invoices and time-sheets. We pay all of your booked Artists quickly and efficiently.