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Our talent work on exciting projects within the Scottish Television, Film and Advertising industries. You don't need experience to join. Just a passion for TV & Film production and bags of patience as some of the shooting days can be quite lengthy. You can expect to work 10-12 hours on an average shoot day.

We don't charge joining/membership/registration/administration fees because we want to make working within the Scottish & Film industry accessible and inclusive. We are big advocates for diversity, equality, neurodiversity and inclusion in the workplace. Instead, we charge 20% of the work we find.

As a self-employed Artist, you get to pick and choose what jobs best suit you. All we ask is that if you commit to a job, that you see it through to the end or we won't offer future work.

To join our team you would need to fill out a short, online application form which creates an online profile for you. It only takes 5-10 minutes if you have all the required info to hand.

Drop us an email for more info and a code to sign up.

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