Our talent work on exciting projects within the Scottish Television, Film and Advertising industries. You don't need experience to join. Just a passion for TV & Film production and bags of patience as some of the shooting days can be quite lengthy. You can expect to work 10-12 hours on an average shoot day.

Please note that we do not charge joining/membership/registration/administration fees because we want to make working within the Scottish & Film industry accessible and inclusive to people from all walks of life. We are big advocates for diversity, equality, neurodiversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Instead, we charge 20% of the work we find so there's nothing to lose by signing up. As a self-employed Artist, you get to pick and choose what jobs best suit you. All we ask is that if you commit to a job, that you see it through to the end or we won't offer future work.

To join our team you would need to fill out a short, online application form. It only takes 5-10 minutes if you have all the required info to hand.  Please see below for what you'll need to sign up.

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A full length and head shot photo are essential

Please make sure you have a clear full-length photo and a head and shoulders shot to upload to your profile.

They don't have to be professional. Just well lit, against a plain wall and easy for Casting/Assistant Director to see you.

Please avoid photographs with other people in them, or having anything in your hands, hats or sunglasses, and please use a plain background wherever possible. It can be a plain wall/door.

We recommend; a plain dark coloured top, with no patterns or logos and jeans are always a good shout.  

It's important that you have a true likeness of yourself on your profile at all times. So, please email the Agency a new up-to-date photo anytime you change your appearance, thanks.


Disclosure Certificate

Some productions insist on this document but not all. It's for the safeguarding of children on set. It's optional but having one will increase the number of productions that we can market you to.

You can apply directly online, it lasts for 18 months and then it must be renewed.

If you live in Scotland (£25 fee to pay) apply here:

If you live in England or Wales (£23 fee to pay) apply here:

If you live in Northern Ireland (£18 fee to pay) apply here:

Body Measurements


NI number, Passport or Birth Certificate are essential

This is for proof that you have the right to work in the UK.  Without any of this information, we will be unable to approve your profile for work. This is what you'll need: 

1. Your National Insurance Number.

2. A  copy of both pages of your Passport,


Birth certificate 

Please note that a Drivers licence or Provisional licence is not proof of right to work in the UK.

Everything uploaded must be legible or it will be invalid.


Please make sure you measure yourself

It's really important to make sure your sizes are up to date on your profile.

The last thing you want to do is turn up to set and not be able to work because your costume doesn't fit you.

There are some excellent videos on YouTube that show you how to take accurate measurements. 

I can't stress this enough; making sure that the measurements on your profile are up to date is your responsibility.

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