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TCT is group of Agents and long term friends who have worked as Agents in their own right for many years.  Since the Covid-19 Pandemic hit they have decided to join forces to create a better work life balance.  And let's face it, life is much better with friends :-)

Our team use an Eco and user-friendly digital software system with free onsite or online training available. Work with experienced Agents each with a minimum of 15 years industry experience. All of our Agents are well versed on Child Licensing, Covid-19 and Disclosure procedures.

You’ll have one point of contact for booking, reducing the time spent on the phone/ email. One invoice to accounts instead of three reducing both time and paper usage.

Get access to approximately 3000 Supporting Artists of all ages in Scotland. The digital check-in/out system reduces the need for paper copies of chits. You’ll get a full digital footprint of your project to assist with both planning and budgeting. Most importantly, you'll be supported all through your experience.